An inevitable part of the business world is dealing with disputes – whether with competitors, customers, employees, former employees, vendors, or other businesses. When faced with a dispute, conflicting goals and emotions often overwhelm rational decision-making and can potentially lead to expensive mistakes.

Are you Ready to Sign a Commercial Lease?

Navigating your way through a commercial lease can be tricky.  But it is important to take the right steps because oftentimes a businesses’ office space or storefront can be their biggest expense. Here are a few tips to help you navigate through the process. Don’t accept a verbal agreement. We understand that this may sound obvious but we have run into this issue many times.

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Tips for Getting your Small Business out of Debt

Incurring debt can be a powerful way to raise money to finance growth and expansion. Large corporations use it all the time for that purpose, and small businesses can do the same if they manage it carefully. But, as we all know, debt can also be dangerous. If you borrow too much, and if your business doesn’t perform as well as expected, your small business debts can quickly spiral out of control.

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