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It can be a disheartening experience when your bills are piling up and you do not have the means to pay them. Given our current economic environment, it is not unusual for debt to spiral out of control. If you find yourself in this predicament, debt settlement may be a viable option for you. It is important to act quickly and consult with the McDonald Law Group before the situation becomes even worse.

3 Ways your Attorney can Help Business Owners with Tax Debt

As another tax filing deadline for businesses passes, tax debt negotiation becomes a valuable topic of discussion for those business owners who owe the IRS money. If you owe the IRS for this most recent year and/or for any years prior you may have options for  managing your IRS tax debt. We will cover three of those options.

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Tips for Getting your Small Business out of Debt

Incurring debt can be a powerful way to raise money to finance growth and expansion. Large corporations use it all the time for that purpose, and small businesses can do the same if they manage it carefully. But, as we all know, debt can also be dangerous. If you borrow too much, and if your business doesn’t perform as well as expected, your small business debts can quickly spiral out of control.

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