Death, disability, tragedy… no one wants to think about these issues.  We do so you don’t have to.  The McDonald Law Group uses their talents and experience to help protect the things that matter most.  By focusing on what matters most- protecting loved ones, promoting family harmony, avoiding waste, and allowing future generations to prosper – we begin to ask the right questions.  What is truly the plan if the unthinkable happens?  Who steps into the leadership roles, and are they ready?

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Even Celebrities Make Estate Planning Mistakes

Having money doesn’t mean that you have prepared your estate for your heirs. These are just a few examples where the correct legal advice could have saved millions of dollars, time, and heartache. Prince R. Nelson, commonly known as, Prince; his mistake was not having a Will or estate plan.


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Common Estate Planning Mistakes

We understand that it can be very difficult to discuss what has to be done with assets and property when you pass away; however, if you have not prepared your estate it can be even more complicated and expensive for your family to navigate the probate process when you pass. Here at McDonald Law Group, we help make that process as smooth and simple as possible.

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