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Child Custody Modification

When there is a divorce battle, children often get thrown in the middle. Helping your kids adjust to the custody order can be difficult and frustrating.  The courts will make decisions without ever meeting the children that will be affected.  Additionally, life happens and major changes can affect the relationships of the family members.  In the case of serious or major changes in either parent’s living situation or employment, child custody might be considered for modification. If you need to modify the current child custody arrangements an experienced lawyer from our firm may be able to help.

When deciding what steps to take for child custody modification, even the small details could affect your outcome with the courts. To guarantee that you don’t misrepresent your case for modifying custody, enlist the help of a Las Vegas divorce attorney. Our Las Vegas firm is dedicated to assisting clients who are facing child custody battles or frustrations. We are committed to ensuring that in every family dispute, the child’s best interests are being pursued. Protecting the rights and interests of your child is important, which is why you should talk with a lawyer from the McDonald Law Group, today.

Modification Due To An Unstable Environment

When the courts decide upon a suitable child custody arrangement, they are always prepared for the necessity of future modifications. When there are changes in either parent’s life, a child could benefit from an adjusted custody arrangement. In some cases, that may mean a change from primary custody to joint custody, or in other cases, loss of custody. One of the main factors that influence court decisions is the ability of a parent to provide a stable environment for his or her child or children. Basic needs must be met, food, education and consistency in their living situation.

If a parent can’t provide this type of stable and healthy environment any longer, courts will be prompted to transfer custody. If the custodial parent is prone to multiple dating relationships or remarriages, this may be deemed a lack of consistency and consideration for the children. They may also struggle with employment, often jumping from job to job or repeatedly getting fired. Frequent relocations or moves are another reason for courts to reconsider the current custody ruling. Minor instability in any of these areas will not illicit concern from a court, but repeated patterns or drastic decisions will cause it to examine potential modifications.

Not sure where to start, McDonald Law Group is here to walk you through the process. For more information call 702-448-4962.

This information is provided for informational purposes only. It is not legal advice and does not constitute an attorney client relationship.


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