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The Cost of Getting a DUI

At McDonald Law Group, we have seen many cases involving a DUI cause more financial devastation then anyone could have ever imagined. When being pulled over by a police officer, one typically thinks about how much the ticket will cost and how long it will take the officer to write the citation. After working on these type of cases, we want to make you aware that they are many more costs associated with getting a DUI. It is not just a petty violation and should be taken seriously.

The costs associated with driving under the influence consists of court fees, attorney’s fees, DMV fees, and an increase in insurance costs. The standard penalties for a first time DUI charge in the state of Nevada includes, 2 days to 6 months in jail or hours of community service; attending a Nevada DUI School at your own expense; fines ranging from $400 to $1,000; court fees up to $600; mandatory attendance at a Nevada Victim Impact Panel lecture; depending on what your breathe analysis you could either be ordered to a drug and alcohol abuse treatment program or have a Nevada Breath Interlock Device placed in your car ranging from 12 to 36 months; and a 90 day suspension of your driver’s license plus a $35 civil penalty fee.

These standard penalties do not include what it would cost to hire an attorney to contest the charges, what a bail bondsmen would charge, or the increased amount of your car insurance. Contesting the case can cost up to $3,500. Taking the case to a jury trial can cost up to $15,000. Bail bondsmen can charge from $500 to $1,000 and we typically see car insurance jump $1,800 for a minimum of 3 years. At the time of the arrest, after the citation has been issued the DMV is notified of the violation and reports it to the insurance company. When the DMV notifies the insurance company, SR22 or vehicle liability insurance for ‘high risk’ insurance policies is then placed on your record resulting in an increased amount due with your monthly statements.

The grand total for all these costs associated with getting a DUI roughly comes to $27,000 plus lost work wages due to incarceration and appearing at court. To avoid these costs and potentially causing serious harm to yourself and others, take an Uber or Lyft. The most you can spend on an Uber ride in our town is around $30. What would you rather spend $27,000 and a criminal record or $30 on a Uber ride? Please be responsible and call Uber or Lyft.


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